So how much do you really drink

PUBLISHED: 08:31 04 July 2010 | UPDATED: 17:30 20 February 2013

So how much do you really drink

So how much do you really drink

Are we always as truthful as we should be when we consider how much we drink in a week? And do we actually know how much that should be?

Its the one question the doctor asks that I always have to think about. So Mrs Campbell, how many units a week do you drink? Do you drink during the week? Just at weekends? By yourself?
I think I am probably like most people when faced with those queries. Im not a heavy drinker, but I kind of fudge it a bit. I forget about the gin and tonic I had after a particularly hard day. Or the small glass of wine I downed during a social luncheon. And Im not at all sure how many units that is. Or how many it should be.
But the doctors are on to us. I spoke to one about this subject and he said; We sometimes add a bit on in our heads. People are not always truthful about their consumption. And many dont know what their weekly unit intake should be.
Thats not to say we are all liars. Just not very knowledgeable.
It kind of tied in with a piece of alcohol research which caught my attention recently. And it revealed some shocking results.
Many women have no idea what their weekly recommended amount of alcohol intake should be and often massively underestimate the alcohol content in their favourite tipple, according to this new piece of market research, which surveyed university educated women.
The survey also highlights the fact that many women drink to forget their worries and many questioned admitted that they were drinking up to four
nights a week.
The research was carried out on behalf of Aluston Health, a company which takes those with alcohol problems to Latvia to undergo a five day alcohol cure which it claims has so far has had a 100 per cent success rate.
The company commissioned the research after recognising the fact that the majority of its enquiries were coming from women.

The survey also revealed that:
Four out of five women who drank wine underestimated the number of units of alcohol in a 250ml glass.
62 per cent of women drank at home.
30 per cent of the women said they drank to forget their worries.
Around a quarter of the women surveyed drank more than 20 units a week, well above the NHS recommendations.

Russell Hughes, Managing Director of Aluston Health said the results of the research had not surprised him.
This research just reinforces what weve experienced when weve had inquiries. Contrary to what we might have thought, we are constantly inundated with calls from women who tell us they often drink at home and consume as much as three to four bottles of wine a night.
Well, Im not that bad. And Im not sure I could even count units after that sort of intake.
But a little education is a good thing - and those units soon mount up.

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