Hairy Biker Si King - What goes on backstage on the Hairy Bikers tour

PUBLISHED: 16:52 20 September 2012 | UPDATED: 21:54 20 February 2013

Hairy Biker Si King - What goes on backstage on the Hairy Bikers tour

Hairy Biker Si King - What goes on backstage on the Hairy Bikers tour

Our star columnist takes us backstage on the Hairy Bikers tour

We start our tour this month and its coming together really well so far, although it isnt actually written yet. Well be starting two weeks of rehearsals very soon though and Im sure it will all fall into place pretty quickly. We have a framework the whole thing about stage shows is that its an organic process. Its a very different discipline to television. The show you start out with is never the show you end up with. Stuff comes up all the time.

Well be getting four people up on stage in each half and having a giggle with them and cooking for them. Therell be a bit of strip tombola, some escapology, some song and dance. It will be larger than life and a bit of a nod to variety shows. The show will be based on travel, the places weve come from and where weve been. Weve got a lot of props this time too but Im not saying what. Last time we went on tour we just had two deck chairs but weve got a lot more stuff this time.

Dave and I are very keen that people have a good night. If people put their hands in their pockets we have got to make it good value for their money. Were working with a very experienced stage show writer and a fantastic comedy writer who we met in a pie shop in Lancaster.

Tickets seem to be selling well theyve even asked us to put on a matinee at Newcastle City Hall, I cant believe it. Well be a way on the road for a long time although we get December off because theatres are given over to pantos so our families dont see much of us. Its not easy being away from them and living out of a suitcase all that time its not easy for anyone being away from the family, but were working, and it makes all the home times more special.

Its a good laugh being out on the road with my best mate we give each other space when we need it, but most of the time were like an old pair of shoes, we just rub along together.

When we get to a venue, Ill make the tea while Dave sorts the costumes, well rehearse and do the checks, then get ourselves ready and do the show. After the show well sign some books, meet a few people, then head off if the next venue is less than 100 miles or so away well perhaps travel that night, otherwise well stay locally and travel the next morning.

We dont have any fancy riders jut some tea bags and a bag of nuts does for us. We did think it would be fun to have something more elaborate but then we found out that we had to pay for it, so we stuck with the tea.

We dont do the celebrity thing for one thing, were not celebrities, we work for a living. We just do our job and it just so happens that our job happens to be in the public eye and we seem to have touched a chord with people.

If it wasnt for the people watching our shows and buying our books, we wouldnt be here doing this. They pay our wages, so I dont have a problem with people coming over and talking to us. All the approaches we get are flattering, apart from people have had a drink.

I do have one request though: if youre going to approach Dave and I and ask for a photo, please know how your camera works. We have spent ages standing there and its always somewhere odd, like the lingerie department in Fenwicks while someone tries to work out what button to press.

Si and Dave begin their tour begins in Barrow on September 30th and runs until next April, with dates in Newcastle in November and Sunderland in February for tickets and more information, log on to

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