Hairy Biker Si King on filming a new series in the US

PUBLISHED: 15:11 23 March 2012 | UPDATED: 21:13 20 February 2013

Hairy Biker Si King on filming a new series in the US

Hairy Biker Si King on filming a new series in the US

Our star columnist gives us a glimpse behind the scenes on filming the Hairy Bikers' new series

Greetings from Mississippi! Dave and I are out here filming our new series which will be screened later this year. While were out here well be visiting some pretty amazing places and cooking and eating some great food. And well get to ride our bikes as well, so it should be a brilliant trip.

Were going to have some really good fun, but its hard work, too.
Dave and I flew out with the crew at the beginning of March but wed already done a lot of hard work before we left. The process of making a television programme begins with a load of ideas being batted about. Dave and I are pretty hands-on and we get involved in lots of creative meetings about the content of the show.

We like to have a director and cameraman we have worked with before because theres an understanding between us, a sort of creative shorthand which can help the process flow a bit better. The director came out here before us to arrange things and make sure we had all the necessary permissions to do the filming but before we could get out here to film this show, Dave and I had to go and stand in the queue at the American Embassy in London to get our Visas.

It will be interested to see what reaction we get from the Americans. We are shown on the BBC out here so we are known a bit but our profile is nowhere near what it is back home. Im quite looking forward to the anonymity.

Now were here we get a day to acclimatise and to make sure everything is ready and the bikes are good, then its off to work. Well be doing 14 or 16 hour days, filming a number of sequences each day and visiting interesting people, in cuisine terms or culturally and well only have three days off, and most of that will be spent travelling. Im very much looking forward to getting back on the bike and getting back into a project. It should be good biking country and itll be a great adventure.

Dave and I have both been to the States before but never to this area and we have never filmed over there. Itll be very interesting to see the local cuisine, theres so many different influences on the food here Cajun, French, Creole, all sorts I cant wait to get stuck in.

This area is steeped in music too, country, blues, bluegrass and jazz, and were going to get to go to some pretty special places and meet some famous people. Its all very exciting.

Dave and I do all the food research and we have a team of very talented people who test everything. We come up with 400 or 500 recipes and ideas each year. Our home economist tests them, and the development
team test them again. By the time they hit the screens or appear in a book they have been tried out four or five times. People who spend money on our products are putting their faith in us so we have to make sure everything is spot on.

I was once told and its rather poetic and also true that filming is like collecting the colours for the palette and editing is painting the picture. So the work doesnt stop when we finish filming. Thats when the director goes into the edit with the producers and the production company and Dave I do the voiceovers for each scene. We get to see the final edit and we could say if we didnt want something to be used but weve never had to do that.

Throughout the filming we build in time for the bits of madness that always happen because we dont want it all to be tightly scripted, we want to be able to have a laugh and a bit of interaction and for our friendship to come across.

The filming is very intense and completely absorbing but we have a right good laugh while were doing it.

The print version of this article appeared in the April 2012 issue of North East Life

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