Hairy Biker Si King - My slimline look won't stop me enjoying a pie and a pint

PUBLISHED: 00:34 13 August 2012 | UPDATED: 12:12 28 February 2013

Hairy Biker Si King - My slimline look won't stop me enjoying a pie and a pint

Hairy Biker Si King - My slimline look won't stop me enjoying a pie and a pint

Our star columnist talks about his new slimline appearance and why it won't stop him enjoying a pie and a pint

Dave and I love our food, everyone knows that, but the reality is that we were overweight because of the constant generosity of chefs and the people we meet.

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of what you fancy, but we having a lot of what we fancied, all the time, and we were piling the weight on. I was 19 and a half stone, Dave was 18 and it was just unsustainable. We were both having to take medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, our families were concerned and we were advised to do something about it.

Then the opportunity then arose to make a TV programme about weight-loss and it was just the push we needed, although it was starting to happen anyway. The only difference between our weight-loss and that of others is that we chose to do it publicly in front of a camera, for all to watch. We see the series as being an invitation into our private lives what our motivations were, how we did it, how we coped and how our families reacted.

We lost three stones each in three months but we are no less passionate about food than we were and we werent going to stop eating pies or drinking beer, we just had a sabbatical from that to get to a weight thats manageable. If we want to eat a steak and kidney pudding and have four pints of beer, we will, but for a couple of days after that, well be a bit more careful about what we eat.

For men our age, theres not really that much peer pressure to look after yourself or do something about it if your weight starts creeping up. Your mates down the pub might have a laugh at you if you say youre on a diet but I overhear men talking in bars and restaurants who are passionate about their families and the worst thing you can do for your family is leave it early because of problems with your health caused by your weight. You can do something about that.

The recipes in the book which accompanies the series are great recipes in their own right its irrelevant that they happen to be less calorific because, when it comes down to it, its just bloody good food.

Our cooking skills have really developed since we started this were not using fat as the base layer for flavour, but were being much more creative and using seasoning more and you can taste the difference, its a cleaner, fresher flavour. The first three weeks are tough because youre breaking your food habits that youve had for a long time, but once youre through that, youre fine.

I feel so much better now I have a lot more energy, more motivation, Im up for stuff and looking forward to things more than I did, its great. I feel so much healthier.

Which is handy because we have a lot on at the moment. We have always worked very hard, but with the tour coming up its going to be a really busy time. Weve got 85 dates and weve still got to write it yet. Dave and I will sit in a room together and bash ideas about, seeing what makes us laugh. Its hard to judge what will make other people laugh though and we know whatever we start off with wont be the way it finishes, but itll be a good laugh along the way.

Si and Dave begin their tour begins next month and runs until next April, with dates in Newcastle in November and Sunderland in February for tickets and more information, log on to

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