Drinks to make the perfect wedding day

PUBLISHED: 08:33 02 September 2010 | UPDATED: 17:47 20 February 2013

Drinks to make the perfect wedding day

Drinks to make the perfect wedding day

It's your wedding, and one of the crucial decisions is what to give your guests to toast the happy occasion

Right - the dress is bought, the bridesmaids fitted, the groom kitted and youve chosen your venue and reception menu.

The invitations have gone out, youve decided whos sitting where - dont put Auntie Doreen next to cousin Frank, you know what happened last time - and the table decorations have passed muster.
Now, what to drink?

Of course, no wedding is complete without a spot of sparkly. It doesnt have to be champagne, a really nice sparkling wine can be just as celebratory. Chose the best you can afford and choose your own favourite.And make sure the venue knows how to keep it. Of course most wedding venues - and dont we have some stunning ones in the North East? - are well versed in how to keep wine at the right temperatures.

But how about designating someone to check its all nice and cold? I was at a wedding once - no names, no pack drill - where the first half dozen bottles were chilling in the fridge, but the rest had been left outside the back door.
The top table and first couple of tables got nice cold champagne, the rest got something slight warm and sadly undrinkable. No-one dare say anything of course, there were just a few sidelong glances, but it kind of took the edge off the toast

Plan for a couple of glasses for each of your guests - at least one for the toast and a bit more, unless youve got lot of formal speeches, then youll need to add a glass or two.

When it comes to other wines, your caterer or the sommelier at the venue can probably advise. Remember that generally - and of course all generalisations are wrong - women prefer white wines and men, red. Youve usually got a pretty even split at a wedding, but men tend to drink more.

Consider your menu of course. The old white for fish and red for meat is a bit pass, but try and opt for wines which will complement most dishes. Chardonnay is still widely popular and will go with chicken, pork and seafood and theres always Sauvignon Blanc, also good with poultry and seafood.

For red wines, Merlot and Cabernet are the most popular options and both suit a menu that includes beef or pastas with red sauces. Another popular choice is Beaujolais, a light fruity red which most people can enjoy.
But whatever you choose, drink it in good health - its your day.

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